The only 3 needs men have The only 3 needs men have The only 3 needs men have

The only 3 needs men have
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Women make men more complicated than we really are. We aren’t that complex but we are very different. When so different even simplicity can be confusing. To take care of men, you sometimes have to think from a man’s perspective.

There are three things that you need to take care of to keep your man happy. Taking care of these three things will work for men universally.

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Mens’ egos need to be fed. Men need to feel dominant. We want to feel like we’re the best. Tell your man what you think is amazing about him. Brag about him in his presence and in the presence of other people. Compliment the hell out of him. Make him feel like the “King Dick” (as one of my boys calls it.) Let him know where he shines and tell him why. This is how women can make their man “feel like a man.” When you do this right, you can’t lose.

To understand this better, you have to understand what makes men different from women. The biggest difference is hormones. Women have estrogen and men have testosterone. These hormones cause completely different behaviors. Testosterone creates a desire to dominate. Biologically, this is what drives a man to succeed. Just like in the animal kingdom, females are attracted to the most dominant males. So make him feel dominant to feed his ego.

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Men love food and men love beer but more than that we love to be served. Feeding his stomach is a way to give him both. When you make food or even get him a beer from the fridge, especially without being asked, you’re guaranteed to please. This works whether it’s a night at home or if we’ve got buddies over and you’re serving care of all us. Men love to be served and men love food. Do both and your man will love it.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The way to a man’s heart is through his dick and the way to a woman’s pussy is through her heart. We’re opposites. This is why women need to understand that randomly offering to blow your man is super sexy to him. It makes him feel dominate and makes him feel desired. This is what men want. Another piece of advice when taking care of the dick is to use enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the key to good sex. That’s covered more in another post, but it’s very important to great sex.


Taking care of these three parts of a man are guaranteed to make a man happy. Men are not complicated. The only way to complicate a man is to perceive as something more complex than a man. Knowing what’s important to a man and understanding how he thinks are ways to satisfy men everywhere.


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